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Meet Dr. Sharon Mack Kelley


Dr. Sharon Mack Kelley is the founder and CEO of P Cubed, Consulting, LLC, a logistics and cybersecurity company; Propulsion Circle, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing shoes, care packages, and life-skills classes to school- and college-aged students; and creator and host of Propelling Points Podcast, focused on sharing advice on overcoming the fear of not knowing “how-to.” She is an entrepreneur, business strategist, inspirational speaker, author, and mentor.

Dr. Sharon retired from the U.S. Marine Corps and worked as a senior manager in the federal government and private sector for a combined time exceeding 30 years before starting her company. She believes that success goes beyond what and who you know; to achieve success, you must not only have the knowledge and connections, but you must first believe and have faith in yourself. 

Since discovering the importance of embracing life experiences, Dr. Sharon has become laser-focused on helping others overcome fears that would limit potential. Dr. Sharon’s mantra is to live life empowering every person she meets in hopes that a positive influence would inspire individuals to do the same with many others they meet. 

After serving 21 years of honorable and faithful service in the U.S. Marine Corps, Dr. Sharon worked as a senior manager in the federal government and small business owner before launching her government contracting business. Her combined military, federal, and private-sector experience exceeds 30 years. Dr. Sharon defines success differently than most. Dr. Sharon does not equate true success based on material achievements, what you know, or whom you know, but she believes authentic success starts with first believing in yourself and being willing to forge through the process to achieve desired goals.


Dr. Sharon is highly active in her community in Stafford, VA. She serves through her organization, as well as volunteers with other non-profit organizations. In addition, Dr. Sharon uses her earned degrees in Business Administration, including a doctorate’s degree and numerous other certifications, to give back to others.  


In 2015, Dr. Sharon published her first book, Propelled to Purpose: Appreciating the Hay that Covers Your Divine Needle (Westbow). She has written two other books, The Receiver of Secrets: The How-To Guide of Biblical Dream Interpretation and Application and The Value of You Project: The How-To of Embracing Who You Are. Both books are set for release in November 2021.


Dr. Sharon is married to Eric Kelley. God has blessed them with four beautiful daughters. She is also the grandmother of three granddaughters.  

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