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Dr. Sharon Mack Kelley, a well-known and highly acclaimed author and inspirational speaker, specializes in providing insights, guidance, and enthusiasm about how to overcome the fear of "How-To" do in life, faith, and business. Get in touch today to learn more about how you can be inspired to overcome not knowing how.

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Meet Dr Sharon Mack Kelley

Inspiring Men and Women to Excel Beyond Fear of not Knowing How

Get ready to live your best life beyond fear or limitation.


Hi, I'm Dr. Sharon Mack Kelley, affectionately called Dr. K. My greatest desire is to inspire and encourage you so, at the end of the experience, you can defy every negative thought and discover purpose. Ultimately, I believe God has blessed me to create the space necessary for people to identify the important treasures within them; thus, creating the positive shifts necessary to make every day better than the last. Every audience is different because each person is different. So, I try to speak and engage with a unique approach for every audience. I've been told one of the best gifts God gave me is my contagious enthusiasm. I believe in being authentic to myself and to people I have the opportunity to meet.


Keynote & Inspirational Speaker

Life and Death is in the POWER of our tongue (Prov 18:21)

I am a consummate storyteller because life experiences are just that invaluable to me. I have been blessed to have both formal education and lived experiences that increased my faith, cultivated my prophetic gift, gave me more wisdom in life, and honed my business acumen.


I speak not so that I can motivate; I engage to inspire which leads to the motivation to  influence.  Where there is motivation based on inspiration, then there can be influence that creates a positive impact. 

 Inspirational Speaker * Prophetic Voice *Author * Entreprenuer 

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The fear of not knowing should never stop you from doing what you do know.

Dr. Sharon Mack Kelley

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